Term 6 2021

Hello, Term 6!

New classes starts on Monday, 25th of October! Join us for Pole, Calisthenics, Dance, Contortion and more.

Committed to progress? Join the Turbo and Block courses – bookings are open now!


We specialise in offering the most comprehensive pole fitness curriculum, catering to all levels – from complete beginners to professional competitors. Check out our POLE COURSES PAGE and join the one that suits your level. Still not sure? Send us a message! Here are some highlights:

  • H66 INTRO TO POLE (Monday, 8pm – starting 25th of October or Saturday, 10am – starting 30th of October) – These four-week courses are perfect for ABSOLUTE beginners who are new to pole fitness and would like a little taster of what pole dancing is! Intro to Pole contains basic spins, transitions, and tricks so you feel confident to attend any casual class or move onto the Beginner 8 Week block. Our Intro Courses are priced at only $85 and can be purchased here.
  • BEGINNER PLUS (Thursdays, 8pm – starting 28th of October or Sunday, 12pm – starting 31st of October) – Mastered the foundations after Intro to Pole and Beginners? Join us for H66 Beginner Plus. This next level in your pole journey will teach you how to master aerial inverts, different climbs and spins, laybacks and butterflies. Not to mention how to creatively combine and link moves together! All class pre-requisites can be found here.
  • ADVANCED POLE (Thursdays, 6pm – starting 28th of October) – In the Advanced course, you will learn to connect 3-4 aerial tricks into flawless combos, start working on your high-level tricks such as the Russian split, twisted grip flags, and some death-defying drops. All class pre-requisites can be found here.
  • ELITE POLE (Tuesday, 7pm – starting 26th of August) – This class is for top-level pole dancers, where you can test your skills learn a range of dynamic, strength and flexibility tricks. Everything you’ve seen the top Australian pole dancers do, you can learn in this class! Fonjis, flips and all kind of splits, but also a lot of tricks that don’t even have a name yet! This class isn’t for the faint-hearted and you must have considerable pole dancing experience. There is a long list of pre-requisites, that can be found here.

What happens, when lockdown happens?

In order to oblige with the government safety requirements, pole courses will not run. We will offer replacement classes or class passes where appropriate.


  • CONTORTION (Mondays, 5pm) – We’re bringing this class back by popular demand! Join us where bending and stretching just isn’t enough and turning into a pretzel is the goal!
  • STRETCH AND FLEX (Thursday, 11am) – New flexibility training class has been added to our casual timetable on Thursdays! Join Chelle for Static Tricks at 10am and make it a double. This class will focus on overall flexibility training, all levels welcome.
  • WORK THE FLOOR (Tuesdays, 5pm and Wednesdays, 7pm ) – There are now TWO Work the Floor Casuals! Join us for a specialised floorwork class designed to teach and help you nail your floorwork and transitions every time! From fishflops to shoulderstands and everything in between, join us weekly to work on your technique to ensure you’re executing your floorwork tricks cleanly and safely!
  • ZUMBA (Saturdays , 8am) – NEW TIME: Want to workout without feeling like you’re working out? Join us for ZUMBA! This class is designed to help you get a great workout by mixing low and high intensity moves to give you an amazing cardio session. This class will get you working on your fitness, balance, flexibility, conditioning and may even teach you some cool Latin dance moves!


Don’t get stuck in a fitness rut – keep it fresh with our casual classes. Our casual classes are FREE to all members!

  • @hanger.66 (Tuesdays, 6pm) – Is there a trending new move or a combo you want to try? Then send it through and you will get to learn it in class. Your instructor will break down complex moves into accessible and safe elements and will advise on any specific pre-requisites you may need to achieve before attempting the entire set with confidence. Suitable for intermediate+ pole dancers
  • YOGA (Tuesdays, 6pm) – Join us for an energising power flow class, from where you build your strength and stamina. Bring awareness back to your breathing while you move through the flow and poses during this clsass. The power flow class has a good balance of warming up, flow, challenges, and neutralization, so that students will gain well-rounded benefit from each practice.
  • PILATES (Mondays, 6pm) – Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance. Pilates’ system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises. Mat Pilates is performed at Hanger 66.


Let’s focus on your upper body mobility this term!

Chelle is teaching two four-week Turbo courses that run at our dedicated stretch space.

Learn to unlock the secret to flexibility with us through our special turbo series running on Mondays at 8pm!

  • UNLOCK THE BACK (starting 25th of October) – This course is designed to focus on improving shoulder, upper back/cervical spine range, understanding your anatomy and how you can specifically unlock upper back flexibility through trigger pointing, stretches and conditioning.
  • UNLOCK THE HIPS (starting 15th of November) – Learn the muscles and trigger points needed to release the muscle tension holding you back in your hip mobility and flexibility. You’ll see improvements in your front and middle split flexibility instantly!



Four-week BURLESQUE Turbo on Thursdays!

Rielle brings you a turbo burlesque chair dance class that will focus on sensual movement, musicality, slowing it down and teasing the audience with a face! Join us at 6pm on Thursdays, starting 28th of October. Remember to pair with another Turbo to SAVE!



Join us for Unlimited Casual Classes, FREE Practice and Jam Sessions and score 10% off all Blocks and Turbos! Wait, there is more – our Membership now gives you access to Hanger@Home, our very own Online Class Portal where students join our award-winning instructors in the comfort of their home. Our strictly limited class sizes make it possible for students of all levels to receive individual attention.

So if you take more than two classes a week – it makes sense to become a member! Here are your options:

  • HNC – For $55 per week you can receive all the benefits, with no contract commitment! You may choose to cancel at any time, with two weeks notice. Join here.
  • H6 – Priced at $50 per week, this membership requires a short 6-month commitment. Upon expiry of your six-month contract, you can cancel any time or upgrade to H12 to save $5 per week! Join here.
  • H12 – This is the most popular option among our students. Priced at $45 per week, H12 requires a 12-month commitment and is sure to get you in the habit of consistent exercise and functional fitness. Join here.

Looking at Combining Courses and Turbos?

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