Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions stand for all classes and sessions conducted by Hanger 66, including use of venues and equipment. The following terms and conditions must be read prior to signing the Client Waiver Form.


Some of the activities undertaken at Hanger 66 can be dangerous. There is a level of risk involved with Pole Dancing and Calisthenics training. You understand, acknowledge and agree that the activities undertaken at Hanger 66 can be dangerous and as such, have inherent risks, including risk of injury or death. You acknowledge that the activities undertaken are at your own risk and therefore it would be unreasonable for Hanger 66 to be responsible in any way for any kind injury or  death. You agree to use your best judgement and to abide by all safety instructions and recommendations whether oral or written. You assume these risks of your own free will being under no compulsion or duress.


Prior to starting any fitness course at Hanger 66 we advise all clients to consult with their physician in regards to any past or present, illness, injuries, pregnancy or other health related condition, that may affect your participation in the activities conducted at Hanger 66. You acknowledge that you have discussed the appropriateness of the courses you are undertaking in conjunction with your illness/condition with your physician and that you knowledgingly release Hanger 66 from any liability or negligence. It is your legal responsibility to inform Hanger 66 of these conditions and inform us of any changes.


Some tricks/manoeuvres can be challenging or carry more risks than others. Clients must follow all directions from instructors and management at all times. Tricks or maneuvers should only ever been attempted following instructions provided by the Hanger 66 staff.


A doctor’s certificate is required to participate once pregnant. We recommend physiotherapy assessments be undertaken whilst progressing through your pregnancy. The physiotherapists will assist with monitoring your progress and ensuring that you are participating at at safe level.    

Alcohol and drug consumption

You understand and acknowledge the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol or any mind altering drugs before and during the activity and take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with their consumption. You will not be permitted to participate in any activities at Hanger 66 if the instructor/manager believes you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol to the point that participation would cause undue risk. Hanger 66 will not be held responsible for any injury or death as a result of participant/non-participant being intoxicated prior to entry or during a class.


A high level of personal conduct is expected by all clients attending Hanger 66. You agree to follow the directions of the instructor and that any misconduct or refusal by yourself to follow any direction from the instructor or by breaking the rules of the studio can result in the cancellation of your lesson and your immediate removal from the studio. You understand that such non-compliance may result in injury. Rules can be found in the reception area and on the Hanger 66 website.

Payments Policy

Block Courses:

Block courses are designed for you to attend all classes for that term. A minimum number of students is required for the course to run. Payments must be made in full prior to the term starting. If you wish to attend on a casual basis this can be done if there is a pole free.

Casual Classes, Multiple Class Passes and merchandise:

100% payment is required upfront when purchasing casual classes, multiple class passes or any merchandise. When not purchasing online. Payments can be made via cash or EFTPOS.


At time of booking a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the party price must be paid. Full payment is required prior to commencing the party.

Membership payments:

Fortnightly payments are made through eDebit direct debit system. Please see the section on membership for more details.

All deposits are non-refundable for all parties, classes, private bookings or equipment hire.


There are no refunds or transfers of fees under any circumstances with the exception of

  • Medical illness or injury. A doctor’s certificate is required. A refund of the remaining course will be offered or can be used as a credit for the next 12 months.
  • Course cancelled by Hanger 66. In the unfortunate circumstance when a course needs to be cancelled by Hanger 66 due to minimum class numbers not being received. Every effort will be made to reallocate you to another appropriate course. If this can’t be achieved then a refund will be provided.

Courses and Classes

You don’t need to be a member of Hanger 66 to attend any of the classes.

  • Casual classes: Recommend booking online prior to class. Classes limited based on equipment. Maximum of two students per pole. Payment required prior to undertaking the class.
  • Block Courses: Bookings and payment are required prior to start of term. Class sizes capped and a minimum number of enrolments are required for course to take place.
  • Privates, small group training: Scheduled with instructor and client. Payment is required prior to undertaking the class.
  • Open practice time: Practice time is for personal practice and isn’t guided by the instructor.
  • Clients are guided by the instructor to the most appropriate level for their ability. Completing a course doesn’t guarantee that the client is ready to advance to the next level. Clients coming from other studios require a grading to determine the appropriate course.
  • Students under the age of 16 require consent from their parent / guardian.

Catch up classes

If you can’t attend a class in your course, please contact reception prior to your class to arrange a makeup class. If you aren’t a member then you will be able to attend one casual class in replacement of your course class. If you are already a member then every effort will be made to provide you with a replacement class in another block course during the same term.   

Course Cancellations   

In the circumstance where you are unable to attend the rest of your course due to serious illness or injury, a medical certificate will be required. A refund or credit will be given as per the refund clause.

If you can’t complete the course for a reason other than illness/injury, a refund will not be offered. Credit can be given to be used for store credit, to be used for future courses. A cancellation fee of $20 will be charged.


Membership payments are made fortnightly through eDebit direct debit system. If payments are declined at any time, membership benefits are suspended until payment is made.


  • Credit cards
    • Merchant Fee (credit cards only) 1.65%
    • Transaction Fee $0.79c
  • Bank Accounts
    • No Merchant fee.
    • Transaction Fee $0.79c

Intellectual Property

All course content, choreography and routines, taught or performed in classes, parties, one on one sessions or performances remains copyright to Hanger 66. You understand and agree that you must not use or exploit any intellectual property owned by Hanger 66 for personal financial gain in any manner, including but not limited to instructing or teaching pole dancing, without first obtaining the written permission from Hanger 66 proprietors.

Feedback & Suggestions

If you feel dissatisfied with some aspect of the service provided by Hanger 66, you are encouraged to first speak to the person responsible. If the dissatisfaction remains unresolved a meeting will be arranged with management. You can be confident that there will be no negative consequences from doing so. The Manager will consider the problem and reply with an outcome within 5 working days. All feedback is appreciated as this helps to continually improve our service. Anonymous feedback forms are available at reception and on the website. should you wish to comment

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.