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Are you serious about getting results? Then you need to know about our courses! Blocks are our dedicated 8-week courses, that run throughout the length of the term and are designed to process your fitness in a safe and structured manner.

  • H66 INTRO TO POLE (Monday, 8pm – starting on March 9th or Saturday, 10am starting on 11th of April) – This four-course is perfect for ABSOLUTE beginners who are new to pole fitness and do not have dance or gymnastics background. This course will contain basic spins, transitions and tricks so you feel confident to attend any casual class or move onto the Beginner 8 Week block. For more information click here.
  • H66 BEGINNER (Wednesday, 6pm) – H66 Beginner is the best place to start your pole fitness journey! You will learn the fundamentals of pole dancing, including engaging the correct muscles to build your strength while learning the basic spins, how to climb and how to sit on the pole. Once you nail the basics, we will teach you to join moves together and teach you how to start inverting!
  • H66 BEGINNER PLUS (Thursday, 8pm) – Nailed the basics? H66 Beginner Plus is the next step in your pole progression. Work towards aerial inverts, different climbs and spins, laybacks and butterflies while continuing to link more moves together.
  • H66 INTERMEDIATE (Wednesday, 8pm) – Continue to refine your skills while learning new tricks and continue to build your strength, flexibility and the foundation moves. Learn to combine more complex spins and build upon your variety of aerial tricks.
  • H66 INTERMEDIATE PLUS (Monday, 7pm) – Take your tricks to a new level – literally – with more aerial tricks and more strength-based moves. With a strong foundation leading up to this point, this course will teach you how to utilise your strength and gain confidence in learning advanced tricks such as handsprings.
  • H66 ADVANCED (Thursday, 6pm) – Congratulations! You’re ready to fly! In addition to aerial tricks and transitions, you’ll be learning gravity-defying tricks such as the Russian split, twisted grip flags, and some death-defying drops.
  • H66 ELITE (Tuesday, 7pm) – So you think you can deadlift? At Hanger 66 we are proud to offer the highest level of pole class in Queensland. This class is perfect for top-level pole dancers to test your skills and learn a range of dynamic, strength and flexibility tricks including fonjis, flips and all kind of splits, including tricks that don’t even have a name yet! This class isn’t for the faint-hearted and you must have a considerable amount of pole dancing experience.

Doubles Pole

What is better than a pole class? Pole class with a buddy! Come along and learn the art of doubles pole, with all the fun doubles spins and fly-and-base moves. Hanger 66 is proud to offer a dedicated doubles pole course in Brisbane, where the instructors have substantial competing experience in the doubles division.

Coming alone? No problems – we’ll find you a friend!

All Block Courses at Hanger 66 are priced at $200 for 8 weeks, members get a 10% discount. For more discounts – scroll down!


Due to popular demand, we are expanding our 8-week calisthenics courses! Pick your level and sign up online.

  • INTRO TO CALI (Saturdays, 7am, starting 14th of March) – An introductory Calisthenics Course that runs for 8 weeks and is designed to cover all key foundations of bodyweight training. Book here and save $50!
  • INTERMEDIATE CALISTHENICS (Saturdays, 8am, starting 14th of March) – This technique-focused course is designed specifically for students who have mastered the foundations of strength and mobility. You will refine technique, gain strength and discover progressions towards higher-level skills while practising impeccable technique.
  • ADVANCED CALISTHENICS (Wednesdays, 7.30pm, starting 11th of March) – Advanced calisthenics builds upon the fundamentals of calisthenics and puts them together in gravity-defying moves.  This class will also challenge your endurance and muscle power in your full-body workout. Ideally suited to students that have mastered the basics skills. Some of the material may include learning muscle-ups, levers and planches.

Intro and Intermediate 8-week Blocks are priced $150, saving you $50 off the full price. Advanced Calishenics is priced at $200. Members can get a 10% discount!


Finetune your skills with us or try something new! We have a range of speciality four-week Turbo and two weeks Mini Courses to choose from. There is something for everyone: pole, flexibility and dance!

  • INTRO TO SPLITS (Mondays 8pm, starting 9th of March) 4 Weeks Learn how to achieve splits at any age in a safe and healthy manner, avoid common mistakes and injuries. Over the course of four weeks, students will work on front and middle splits using a variety of methods, including partner work, foam rollers, yoga straps and much more. Students of all level of flexibility are encouraged to consider this class, no minimum flexibility level required.
  • SASS IT OUT (Saturdays, 10am, starting 14th of March) 4 Weeks – Do you want to be that performer who draws everyone’s attention when they dance and keeps the audience on their toes? ‘Sass it Out’ turbo block is exactly what you need! You will master fun and fierce routine that will bring out your attitude, cheekiness and push your showmanship through the roof. 
  • SPLITS INTENSIVE (Mondays, 8pm, starting 6th of April) 4 Weeks – This program is specifically designed for those who struggle with splits or those who want to improve them and achieve oversplits. In this course, you will learn techniques and tricks to help you overcome past limitations without strain or force by using a number of different tools and methods. No minimum level of flexibility required.
  • CHAIR CHOREO (Mondays, 8pm, starting 6th of April) 4 Weeks Back by popular demand, this four-week course will cover a sassy new choreography with strong dance and acrobatic elements! Join Anastasia and gain confidence while working out at Hanger 66.
  • TWERK (Wednesdays, 7pm, starting 11th of March) 2 Weeks – Get your Booty moving in this TWERK two week Mini! Justine brings you a classic Twerk class: we’ll learn booty-pop basics including popping, clapping and shaking and finish with an upbeat, fun choreography with a little Hip-Hop feel. No heels needed, trainers are optional, knee pads & snapbacks a definite!
  • SHOWGIRL (Wednesdays, 7pm, starting 25th of March) 2 Weeks – Justine brings you a super-sassy Showgirl Workshop, combined with a technique for high kicks and spins with a wow factor! You will learn short routines in varying styles like a cardio pumping Can-Can or Shimmy Shaking Burlesque allowing you to explore your cabaret personality! A bing bang boom glam routine will be learnt, and to end there will be one of Justine’s faves – combing balancing on chairs with some super cool party tricks you can whip out at any time to show what you can do on a chair at the office party after this – this two-week mini is high energy, high kicking and involves lots of moving and dancing.

Our two-week Minis are priced at $45 each, or you can save $10 when buying two. Our four-week Turbos are priced at $100, and members save 10%!

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