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Unique Fitness in Brisbane at Hanger 66

At Hanger 66, we help people build confidence through pole dancing regardless of fitness levels. We will guide you in a fun and safe way to achieve your goals and become proud of what your body can do regardless of your age. You can accomplish amazing things!

By signing up for pole fitness at Hanger 66, we offer a whole-body workout and will provide you with the guidance you need, whether you are a beginner or an elite student, a performer or a competitor – Hanger 66 in Brisbane is the studio for you!

Class Menu

At Hanger 66 you have a choice of attending the following:

  • Casual Classes
  • Courses
  • Practice time

1. Casual Classes

Casual classes are the perfect compliment to your training – regardless of your level! We will help you expand your pole repertoire with a variety of highly qualified instructors. With a huge range of casual classes a week, they are also a great way to meet other people. Classes are capped to ensure each student gets a pole and is provided the proper guidance. Students are encouraged to book online to secure their spot. To view our current pole casuals click here!

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2. Courses

Hanger 66 has a range of courses to suit everyone at all stages of their pole journey

Intro to Pole

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Starting your pole journey is easy by signing up to a 4 week intro to pole course. Anyone can join in regardless of age or fitness level. You do not need to have any aerial or circus experience, be strong or flexible to start. Find out more details here!

Turbo Courses

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Turbos are 4 week specialty courses that focus on developing specific skills. At Hanger 66, we offer a variety of Turbos to help you give a specific area of your training a boost for the best outcome on (and off!) the pole. Turbo Courses change every term, to find out our latest offerings, please click here!

Block Courses

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Blocks are 8 week courses and are the best way to consistently improve at pole dancing at your level. Learn new skills while building upon your foundation moves to safely develop your strength and confidence on the pole. For more information on our blocks please click here!

3. Open Sessions and Hanger Jam

Need some extra time to practice? Hanger 66’s Open Sessions are the perfect time for you to practice tricks, work on choreography or just freestyle. Not sure what to do without an instructor present? Check the Hanger66 x PoleSphere collaboration out to value add to your personal practice time!

For a little extra practice time and for the same price, we have a special 2 hour Hanger Jam on Fridays at 5pm.

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3 reasons why you should try pole dancing

If you’re bored with your same old workout – or if you’re just one of those people who’s always up for trying something new – maybe it’s time to branch out from the treadmill. You may have heard that you can take pole fitness classes in Brisbane. If you haven’t considered trying pole dancing before, Hanger 66 is the perfect place to do it. We offer pole dancing classes for men and women of all fitness levels – a fantastic workout for anyone who wants to try something new, exciting, and little risqué. Here are some of the reasons why we think you’ll love it.

  1. t’s truly an incredible workout Pole dancing is much harder than it looks. However, it’s modifiable for all fitness levels, so you can get a challenging workout whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Combining strength training, flexibility, and endurance into one fun workout, pole dancing will leave you with a real sense of accomplishment and renewed confidence in your body’s ability to do amazing things. Just ask any experienced pole dancer – using your own body weight in a pole dancing class can be much more challenging than a workout you’d get in a regular gym.
  2. It’s a healthy social activity People who take pole classes together often form lasting friendships as they bond over the fun and challenge of the art. At Hanger 66, we provide a 100% supportive and body positive environment to learn your new skill. With personalised attention in small classes, you’ll learn pole dancing safely while making new friends and building self-confidence. 
  3. Build your confidence Pole dancing classes give you the opportunity to express yourself. You’ll not only build arm, leg, and core strength, but learn to appreciate your body by what it can do. Whether you’re pole dancing for fitness or to explore your self expression or sexuality, Hanger 66 will give you a safe environment to do so.

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Super friendly and welcoming community of people with talented instructors.


Loved the vibe at Hanger!!! If you are looking for a different place to not only workout but to learn something new, try them out!!!


Friendly, Experienced Staff. Good facilities. Aircon


This is a superb fitness playground! such a great team of instructors, honestly they are all gold standard. So many toys to play on! Pole, Frank (bars), rings, climbing rope, Francesca (wall bars) and more. Only issue is deciding which classes to join but I think the best plan is to hit them all.


This place is like a second home. Staff and fellow members go above and beyond to help turn dreams into reality!


This place is amazing. Great set up with amazing instructors. Offers such a variety that I don’t need to go anywhere else for my workouts. I recommend it to everyone.


Great facilities, instructors and a lot of fun! Recently come back with some of my friends for hen’s night and we had a lot of fun. They accommodate us perfectly even if most of us had no experience at all.