Kids Fitness Classes


Hanger 66 offers fitness classes to kids aged 5 years+.  Using a variety of apparatuses (i.e. fun things to climb!) we teach kids skills that improve body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly – confidence!

Our classes run in a similar format to any dance or gymnastics course, and you are welcome to supervise or join in on any adult classes!

All instructors that teach children’s classes hold a current blue card.


Skills & Drills

Skills and Drills is about learning all those gymnastic type tricks we all go wow over. Move your own body upside and around the bar. Not quite ready for the full move? we will show juniors the right way to build up to it. This class is suitable for all. 5 years and over.

Class Schedule

4:00pm – Skills & Drills

9am – Skills & Drills


Casual Class $15 (For under 18 *For skills & Drills Only IF not joined by an adult)  $25 for Adults 



For a limited time only we offer FREE kids classes every Saturday! Your juniors can join Skills & Drills for absolutely FREE, as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult. Adults can join any of the casual class on Saturdays, and can choose from:

  • 7am Boxing
  • 8am Pilates
  • 9am Static Pole (beginners welcome) or Yoga
  • 10am Stretch
  • 11am Nemesis Pole Tricks (int+ only)

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