Slow Down & Focus on you at Hanger Mix

Stretch, Mobility & Contortion

Hanger Mix is a room to slow down, unwind and focus on yourself. Upstairs, away from the hustle and bustle of the pole and bar room, you will find classes flexibility training and dance.

Stretch & Flex 

This is a wonderful full body stretch class. It doesn’t matter if you are as stiff as a board or as flexible as a rubber band, your body will thank you for coming to this class. In this class you will warm up with a number of stabilising exercises then work through various techniques to improve flexibility on different muscle groups. It is the perfect starting point for anyone inexperienced in flexibility training. 

Trigger Point 

This class is designed to help our students release & relax sore muscles using a variety of trigger point techniques and tools. The benefits of performing trigger point regularly are numerous. Not only is it effective in reducing headaches and muscle tension, it can also improve range of motion and flexibility. 

Mobility & Stretch 

This class aims to improve the overall range of motion in your muscles and joints. Activities that lengthen and stretch muscles demonstrated in this class can help you prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems. A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion. The benefits of attending mobility class include improves athletic performance, reduced joint pain and less risk of sport related injury. 


This is a step up from the stretch and flex class and takes your flexibility training to a new level. During each class you will focus on one body area and work towards a specific position. Think chest stand, over-splits, need-scale and more! This class is designed to help you achieve your ultimate flexibility goals!


Casual Classes
$25 per class
$100 – 5 class pass (Save 25!)
$250 – 13 classes (Save $75)
Included on membership

Turbo Course
$110 – 4 weeks 
$35 per individual session 

H66 Training
$10 per hour
Included on membership

Hanger Mix

The Hanger Mix room is an air conditioned space with wall bars, yoga straps and blocks to help you reach your flex goals.