Calisthenics Courses

Intro to Cali

Saturdays 7 am

We have a dedicated course running for students who are just beginning their fitness journey. In this 8 week course, students will learn the foundations of body-weight training, with a strong focus on building strength and mobility. You will walk away from the class feeling the confidence to train any time, anywhere – using just gravity and your own bodyweight! 

This course is only $150 for absolute beginners (normally $200), book online to secure your spot! Learn more here

Intro Special $150

Intermediate Calisthenics

Saturdays 8am

Ready to level up? Our intermediate course will continue to build on your foundation skills with a strong focus on improving technique and endurance. This course will have you working on achieving and perfecting explosive pullups, deep dips, hollow holds, handstands, ring muscle-ups as well as pistol squats among others.

Pre-requisite moves for this level:

  • 30-second handstand with minimum support (can be against the wall)
  • 3 unassisted pullups
  • Skin the cat

This course is priced at an introductory price of $150 for 8 weeks.

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Advanced Calisthenics

Wednesdays 7:30 pm

Is there a calisthenics dream move that you would love to make yours? It could be a front or back lever, planches, a muscle-up, handstand press or a human flag? Our Instructor Johno will teach you how to train to achieve these moves. This 8-week course is all about working on achieving the ultimate calisthenics skills.

Pre-requisite moves for this level:

  • Unsupported handstand
  • Explosive pullups
  • 30 second supported planche
  • 20 push-ups
  • 20 second L sit

This 8-week course is priced at $200

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Muscle-Ups Workshops

Hanger 66 runs muscle ups workshops via expressions of interest. The muscle-up is an advanced strength training exercise, within the domain of calisthenics. It is not only impressive but it is one of the most coveted exercises. The muscle-up is a combination of a pull-up followed by a dip. The muscle-up demands respect, to do a true form muscle up it takes a lot of strength and practice. The technique is very important to ensure that your muscles and joints are safe when you are performing your muscle-ups.

Hanger 66’s barstud king – Johno, runs Muscle Up workshops. These will take you through a number of strength and technique exercises to get you well and truly on your way to achieving a muscle up. If you can already muscle-up then this course is also for you. Your technique will be checked and then you will learn variations to your muscle up such as mixed grip.

To attend this workshops all you need is a solid chin up.

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