Calisthenics & Cardio

Calisthenics for All Fitness Levels

Calisthenics is an exercise consisting of a variety of body-weight motor movements. They are intended to increase body strength, body fitness, and flexibility, through movements such as pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping, or swinging, using only one’s body weight for resistance. When performed vigorously and with variety, calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility, and coordination. Train to be able to perform advanced calisthenics skills such as muscle ups, bar spins and both front and back levers.

The technique is our main focus in all calisthenic classes. You will be taught the best and safe way to do all the exercises to ensure that you are getting the best and safest workout possible.

We have a wide variety of calisthenics classes running at Hanger 66 – view the timetable here. Anyone can join a Casual Class at any time (highlighted in yellow), while course bookings are required for Blocks. You can find more info here.

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Calisthenics is a strength and conditioning class using your own body weight and focusing on correct technique this class is designed to help you reach your strength or weight loss goals. Every class will be different keeping your workouts exciting and challenging. Taught by David, this class is a great way to increase your performance in your chosen sport and everyday life.

Advanced Calisthenics

In this class, you will focus on one trick e.g. back levers, muscle ups, front levers, planches and so forth. You will work a number of exercises to build the required muscles to achieve these tricks.

Cali For Pole

Break through your training plateau with Cali for Pole!

Hanger 66 now offers a dedicated body weight training class, specifically designed for pole students who are looking to build strength and improve skill execution. By attending this class, students will quickly experience improvement to their core pole skills, such as inverts, presses, flags and shouldermounts.

Taking the fundamentals of the calisthenics discipline, Cali for Pole will cover pull and push movements, straight and single-arm strength, whole body tension with a strong focus on core engagement. Classes will incorporate work on the bar, on the rings and on the floor. Each class will start with strength building the basics, tailored to students’ level. This will be followed by the application of those moves in reps and sets.

A perfect supplement to your Pole and Flexibility training, Cali for Pole will make you a well rounded pole dancer in no time. So if you need help pressing into a brass monkey, lifting through the iguana flag, straight leg shoulder mount or even just cleaning up your lines, this class is for you!
This casual class is open to all fitness and skill levels.

Skills & Drills

Skills and Drills is about learning all those gymnastic type tricks we all go wow over. Move your own body upside and around the bar. Not quite ready for the full move? we will show juniors the right way to build up to it. This class is suitable for all. 5 years and over.


Come along and train like a ninja. Swing between the rings and rope, fly across the monkey bars, don’t touch the lava floor as you run across the obstacles. Train like a big kid while having fun and a great work out. 


HIIT style class designed to improve your strength and speed, as well as endurance. with all key elements incorporated in each training session. You are guaranteed to get a full body burn. 


Tabata is a work out using short and fast intervals. In our Tabata classes, you will work a range of cardio and strength exercises to give you an incredible workout that will make you feel alive.


Turbo Courses

Our turbo courses are courses that run at 4-week intervals and are focused on particular skills. We keep our class sizes small so you get the attention you need to help to build the strength and correct technique to complete the skill.