Pole Dancing Lessons FAQ and Where to Find Classes for Beginners in Brisbane

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If you’re considering giving pole fitness a try, congratulations! Pole dancing classes are an exciting and challenging way to get in shape and learn a new skill. Many people have lots of questions before their first class, so here are some of the most frequently asked and their answers.

Is pole dancing too hard for me?

No. When it comes to pole dancing, everyone starts at the beginning. It is, however, challenging. If you haven’t exercised much over the last few months (or years), expect some fatigue and muscle soreness as your body gets used to moving in new ways. Even die-hard athletes experience a learning curve with pole dancing as they train their muscles to do new things. Pole dancing is for everyone.

Is it dangerous?

In pole dancing classes for beginners in Brisbane, you won’t learn inverted moves (moves that require you to be upside down on the pole). Your instructors are trained to teach you safely using proper techniques and with careful directions. Also, you won’t have to do any advanced tricks or moves that are beyond your level. At first, you’ll work on moves designed to strengthen your body and get it ready for more advanced techniques.

What should I wear?

You’ll need your skin to make contact with the pole to help provide the necessary grip to do many of the tricks and spins you’ll learn. For beginner lessons, fitted clothing that exposes your arms and your legs from the knees down should be fine. More advanced classes require more exposed skin for more advanced tricks, so think boy shorts, tank tops, and sports bras for women or short biker shorts and a tank top or no shirt at all for men. People at all levels should avoid lotions, oils, and moisturisers, and leave your jewellery at home, as these items can make pole dancing dangerous or damage the surface of the pole.

How long will it take me to move on to more advanced classes?

How long it takes to complete the beginner level and move onward depends on you and how comfortable you feel with the moves you’ve learned so far and your strength and endurance. Before moving on, you should feel that you have mastered the techniques and moves you learn in your introductory classes. Moving on before you are ready or before your body is conditioned correctly may result in injury. Everyone’s experience and progress is unique. Ask your instructor if you aren’t sure whether you are ready to advance.

Pole Dancing Lessons for Beginners in Brisbane at Hanger 66

At hanger 66, we love teaching pole dancing for beginners in Brisbane and offer a variety of classes suitable for a range of fitness levels. We provide a supportive environment and focus on body positivity and appreciating what your body can do. Hanger 66 is not just another gym – instead, you’ll become part of a family, a group of encouraging, like-minded individuals all on the same path. Are you ready to have a blast getting in shape? Contact Hanger 66 to learn more about pole dancing classes today.