Hen’s Parties – Pole Dancing in Brisbane

HEN’S Parties

At Hanger 66, we specialise in creating unforgettable nights for the bride-to-be and their friends and family. We take an individual approach to each and every event, ensuring that all guests are comfortable and having fun!

You may choose to host a morning pole fitness sesh, designed to get your heart racing and your booty ready for the big day. Pair that with a platter of fresh fruit and Bubbly to get the festivities started the right way. Perfect for #fitnessfanatics, mothers-in-law and any boys that tag along!

Or, dim the lights low and book a pole dancing experience designed to bring out your wild side! Dust off those fishnets, get the red lippy on and learn an exotic routine with our experienced, yet naughty instructors! Our topless waiter is at your beckoning, and he tends to wear less and less clothes as the night rolls on…


Our party packages allows you to customise a pole dancing class that best suits you and your group!

Start with a fun warm up, learn some beginners tricks in a fun routine and maybe even enjoy a performance from your instructor.

We have two types of session to choose from:

– 60 minute party – $35 per person (minimum booking – 8 people)

– 90 minute party – $40 per person (minimum booking – 8 people).

We recommend this option for parties of over 10 people.

* $150 deposit is required to book your event. The remaining payment must be made 7 days prior to the booking time to secure your spot.  

Every paying member of your party will leave the special event with not just some new found skills and memories but also a free class pass valued at $25 each so you can come back for more!

We offer a variety of extras that you may choose from to customise your party!

Food & Drink Options:

Our grazing platters (serves consist of hand-picked seasonal fruits, a selections of food delights, drinks and more to provide you with the perfect mid-pole snack!)

Small grazing platter – $60

– 2 types of dips

– Selection of crackers

– Seasonal vegetable sticks

– A variety of fruits

– Cookies

– Sparkling wine 

Deluxe grazing plate – $80

– 3 types of dips

– Antipasto

– Cold meats

– Selection of crackers

– Seasonal vegetable sticks

– A variety of fruits

– Cookies

– Sparkling wine

We can customise our deluxe grazing plate for our gluten free, vegetarian or vegan friends.

*Both platters are catered to serve approximately 8 people comfortably (include 1 x glass of sparkling wine per person), for any additional guests, we can organise customised platter for your event. Please email info@hanger66.com.au for price & booking prior to your event. 


$80hr topless waiter

$105hr g-string waiter

$120hr cheeky apron waiter

$140hr nude waiter


$210 strip to underwear

$230 strip to g-string

$260 strip to full monty

Strawberries and Cream $30

What’re you waiting for! Drop us a message below or email info@hanger66.com.au to book a party experience to remember!

Explore pole dancing for hen’s night at Hanger 66

Hanger 66 is a revolutionary fitness centre located in Brisbane. We offer a unique approach to functional fitness which includes Pole classes, Calisthenics, Pilates classes and Yoga. The classes are for all irrespective of gender, age and fitness levels.

Our uniquely small classes allow for added attention to each participant by the instructors. Ours is a fun, uplifting and positive environment where possibilities are limitless.

The pursuit of fitness does not have to be painful – this is our mantra and our specialty.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing offers an incredible fitness experience which incorporates dancing, art and acrobatics. It has made its way gradually over the past few years from dimly-lit nightclubs to fitness centres.

We have structured the sessions in a way that people of all ages can achieve incredible feats with their bodies. One of our goals is to see our clients achieve both physical and emotional wellness.

We also offer incredible opportunities for joint activities through casual classes and special events. Simply put, there’s something for everyone.

Pole Dancing for your Hens Nights Party

For a long time, the bachelorette party has been something that the bride-to-be looks forward to. Often, they take place in restaurants and bars. However, for your hen night, Hanger 66 presents a unique experience. We extend to you a new way of having your bachelorette party. Our focus is on creating an unforgettable experience.

Since it’s a huge night for you, we pull out all the stops to make your pole dancing hen’s night as incredible as it can be.

We tailor the sessions to suit your taste and those of your party. Expect incredible services as well as top-grade food and drinks. The package caters for everything, and you merely have to show up.

Unforgettable staff

Our team comprises of friendly staff with whom you will enjoy an exquisite night of merrymaking. You will get to take part in hen party pole dancing trying out incredible moves.

You can easily book in advance so that you can focus on other details of your wedding by just contacting us. We will have your hen party covered, no pressure, leave it to us. On the day, just come and have a blast.

Sign up as a beginner, and we’ll take you through the training. We have unique classes to suit all skill levels – from beginners to experts. We offer catered parties including children’s parties, buck’s parties, corporate and work events and more. Contact us today to enquire about having a new adventure in Brisbane.