Online Workshops



10 April 2020

Hanger 66 is proud to bring you the opportunity to train with the incredible Dimitry Politov, all in the comfort of your own home. Do both and save $15

Polers of all levels are invited to join into following workshops:

Conditioning with Dimitry (No Pole required): ALL LEVELS
Time: 4pm
Duration: 60 mins
Cost: $40
Description: Want to get strong like Dimitry? Join him for his signature conditioning mix to work on your strength, flexibility, control and balance to take you to the next level of your pole journey.

In & Out (Pole Needed)
Time: 5.15pm
Duration: 60 mins
Cost: $50
Description: A Class dedicated in teaching you Dimitry’s unique climbs and ways of getting on and off the pole, including THAT awesome hands-free jump entry!
What do you need: You must have a pole, be able to invert (aerial if possible), cupid and pole climb.

Keen to do both? Save $15!

The workshops are strictly capped to 10 people.

Dimitry Politov started pole dancing in 2012 and within his first year, he won two championships in Russia. He is known for his dynamic and powerful pole dance style. He loves to pole dance outdoors and do death-defying stunts.

πŸ‘‰Ultimate Winner at IPC 2018 in Brisbane (Mens)
πŸ‘‰1st place at the World Pole Dance Championships in Beijing, 2015
πŸ‘‰1st place at Battle of the Pole in Prague, 2015
πŸ‘‰1st place at Pole Art Italy in Milan, 2015
πŸ‘‰1st place at Pole Art Cyprus, 2016
πŸ‘‰1st place at Pole Art Switzerland,2016
πŸ‘‰1st place at World Ultra Pole Championship in London, 2016
πŸ‘‰1st place at World Pole Sport Championship, 2017
πŸ‘‰1st place at World Pole Art Championship in doubles category, Amsterdam, 2017.