Muscle Up Course at Hanger 66

Learn to Muscle Up at Hanger 66

Enroll today in a four-week course!

Hanger 66 is pleased to re-open its doors. We have a ton of classes starting, including the Muscle-up Course!

A muscle-up is an advanced strength training exercise, within the domain of calisthenics. Essentially, it is a combination of a pull-up followed by a dip – a very impressive and technical skill. A true form Muscle Up requires a good understanding of the technique, upper body strength and of course – practice!

Hurry, the course starts on Wednesday, 19th of August at 7pm. The course runs for 4 weeks and is priced at $100 for the term. Limited spaces remain available, to guarantee the best experience for all students.

At Hanger 66, we run special courses to help Brisbane’s calisthenics enthusiasts to achieve, perfect and expand core bodyweight skills, such as the Muscle Up. Over the course of four weeks, you will learn multiple strength and technique skills to set you on the path to achieving muscle ups. If you can already muscle up – then your technique will be checked and you will proceed to learn variations such as mixed grip.

The course is taught by Johno , founder of Brisbane Barstuds and a prominent trainer and competitor within the Australian calisthenics community.

All of our classes are taught with strict adherence to current hygiene and social distancing regulations. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

You can get a 10% discount by becoming a Hanger 66 member.

We offer a range of courses and classes on other days of the week. Check the current timetable for more info.

Our Location

2/24 Brereton Street
South Brisbane 4101

Free street parking available after 5pm weekdays