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It’s no secret that fitness activities provide children with opportunities to feel better about themselves, learn life skills, and build self-confidence. Strengthening positive attributes offers kids of all ages with the stamina to endure the challenges of growing up in the 21st Century.

While participating in traditional sporting events and activities are usually quite competitive, other forms of exercise can give kids a healthy outlet for play and a way to deal with the stressors of daily life.

When you want to get your kids into an activity that will improve their overall health and wellness and provide them with life skills, why not try kid’s fitness classes in Brisbane? At Hanger 66, we offer a variety of fitness classes for kids that enhance their self-esteem, inspire an attitude of play, and encourage everyone to view fitness as a way of life.

These kid’s fitness classes in Brisbane include Pilates, pole dance, calisthenics and much more. For example, kids aged 5-16 can enjoy an alternative to the standard dance or gymnastics classes by participating in our popular ‘Junior Pole’ or ‘Monkey Magic’ courses. These energetic classes offer an animated avenue to build positive life skills using the basics of a pole routine and a variety of other devices safely and effectively.

The students will learn how to carefully move about using bars, wall, rope, and rings. Our classes are geared to improve the self-assurance of kids while giving them an outlet for endless energy and providing a source of healthy entertainment.