Intro To Pole

Start Pole Fitness with Hanger 66!


With restrictions lifting we are thrilled to be back at the studio – dancing, laughing and getting fit!

Our INTRO TO POLE courses are special four-week courses for absolute beginners. They’ve been selling like hotcakes, so we added two courses – choose from the following time slots:

New Term Starting:

  • Monday, 29th of April 2024, at 8pm

Normally, our four-week courses are $110, but students participating in the Intro to Pole enjoy a very special discount of $15. So, you only pay $95 for four weeks of classes!

You could also try out a single Intro To Pole session at the price of $35 – subject to class availability.

Please book in advance to avoid missing out!

After you have made your purchase, please be sure log in to enroll into your classes!

About Our Pole Dance Classes

Pole Dance Fitness is an incredibly rewarding and fun fitness activity for all ages, genders and fitness levels! It involves elements of dance, acrobatics, and performing art. Thousands of people worldwide now use pole fitness to have fun, meet new people, learn new skills, and get in shape!

At Hanger 66, we offer pole fitness classes in Brisbane for anyone who wants to explore this exciting, calorie-blasting workout.  We even have special Introductory Courses, for complete beginners, such as yourself!

Over the course of four weeks, you will learn basic tricks, transitions and spins.  You may even surprise yourself by climbing up the pole! You will also meet other beginners and maybe make a friend or two, as you giggle your way through four weeks of classes. 

Our Intro Courses run for four weeks, at the same time, on the same day. Each week you will learn something new, as well as practice your skills from previous classes. Class sizes are limited to 11 people to guarantee the best experience for all students.

All of our classes are taught with strict adherence to current hygiene and social distancing regulations. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Our Location

2/24 Brereton Street
South Brisbane 4101

We enjoy free street parking on weekends after 5pm on weekdays

Here’s what you need to know about Pole Fitness

Important things to know before coming to your first class:

1) Don’t moisturise on the day, it will make your pole very slippery
2) Wear short shorts and a singlet. Skin grip is important
3) Bring a water bottle and a towel
4) Shoes are optional
5) Come ready to have fun and challenge yourself!

Strength and Flexibility

Besides burning calories, pole dancing offers two primary physical benefits: muscle building and flexibility. As you go through your workout, you’ll be building lean muscle mass, burning fat, and making your body more flexible. A stronger, more flexible body makes it easier to do all your daily activities and makes you less vulnerable to injury. Pole dancing looks like fun because it is fun, but it’s also a serious workout that’s entirely customisable for all fitness levels.

Learn Dance Techniques

At its core, pole dancing is, after all, dancing. Pole classes in Brisbane at Hanger 66 give you the opportunity to express your artistic side for a real or imaginary audience. You’ll feel the rhythm of the music, letting it guide you through all the movements as your instructor leads the class. 

Stress Reduction

Virtually everyone has stress in their lives these days, and working out is a great way to fight stress, anxiety, and depression. When you exercise, endorphins in your brain make you feel enthusiastic, energised, and happy. Working out surrounded by upbeat music and like-minded people is even more effective when it comes to managing stress. 


At Hanger 66, we ensure a supportive, friendly environment in which to reach for your physical goals and push your body to accomplish more and more advanced feats.  Seeing your fitness level improve is very motivating, and pole dancing itself empowers students to use their bodies in beautiful ways. 

Is Pole Dancing for me?

Strength, flexibility, coordination, and age are not limiting factors when starting to pole dance. Our courses are designed to teach students the basics and get you comfortable moving with the pole and engaging the correct muscles through basic spins and climbs. We have no limits on age, but if you are under 18 we ask you to email about suitable classes. Our adult classes are open to everyone (our oldest pole dancer is 65!).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get fit, have fun and make friends at Hanger 66! Our previous courses have sold out, so be sure to book in advance!

We offer a range of other beginner-friendly classes on other days of the week. Check the current timetable for more info.