Find Classes for Restorative Hatha Yoga and Meditation on Brisbane’s Southside

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Hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga found in most Western countries. Rooted in ancient tradition, this form of yoga focuses on the practice of various physical postures intended to improve flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. For a complete mind-body experience, you can join classes in yoga and meditation at Brisbane’s Hanger 66 as part of a unique fitness session designed for yogis of all levels and backgrounds.

How Hatha Yoga Improves Your Body and Mind

The primary intent of hatha yoga is to balance both the body and mind. You can see this balance in the meaning behind the word ‘hatha’ itself, where ‘ha’ represents the sun, and ‘tha’ represents the moon. Combined, it signifies the joining of two seemingly opposite parts—a perfect metaphor for aligning both the body and the mind toward wholeness and a common purpose. When you take classes for hatha yoga in Brisbane at Hanger 66, you will have the opportunity to achieve this sense of balance through our guided, restorative sessions that incorporate both yoga and meditation.

While you can get started with hatha yoga at home, when you work with a trainer or join a group class, you will have the opportunity to improve your technique and potentially reap greater rewards. A trained instructor can help gently guide you toward mastering certain positions, while doing yoga in a group gives you the opportunity to make new friends and join a community of like-minded folks who are also interested in getting started with yoga in the South Brisbane area.

The Easy Way to Get Started with Yoga in South Brisbane

The hatha yoga classes at Hanger 66 are intended for people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. We provide a fun, uplifting and positive environment where all you need to do is come as you are, ready to experience the benefits of hatha yoga at our Brisbane studio. Even if you have never done a yoga pose in your life, our instructors are ready to help guide you on your technique and form and will adjust the class to fit your energy and skill level.

As the focus of this class is on being as restorative as possible, when you go in for yoga at our Brisbane location, you will never feel pushed or pressured to do anything that you or your body are not ready to attempt. Instead, our highly qualified trainers will assess where you are and make suggestions that meet your needs.

As with all our group training sessions, all our yoga classes are at our Brisbane/Southside location. In addition to yoga, we also offer group classes in pilates, pole fitness, and calisthenics, giving you plenty of options to work out while having fun. Whether you are interested in trying our yoga classes available in Brisbane on the Southside or want to start somewhere else, you will have the flexibility to choose the classes that appeal to you the most. We offer restorative yoga in Brisbane several times a week, making it likely you’ll find something that will fit into your busy schedule. To find out more, contact Hanger 66 today or book online to get started with your first training session.