Hanger At Home


Our online classes have been so popular – we had to keep them going!

We received an overwhelming amount of requests to carry on offering online classes – even after Hanger 66 has reopened its doors! Students from all over the world (and Brisbane!) found our online classes to be of the highest quality, and yet very convenient and suitable for people who are not quite ready to leave home.

So, check out the schedule below and book online to join our award-winning instructors from the comfort of your home. Psst – more classes yet to come!


  • You will need to have a pole at home for Pole Classes. Please make sure you have sufficient space, cloths, grips and metho at hand. If you are attending a Spin Pole class, your pole needs to be on spin (find that Allen Key before class!). We will avoid teaching high-level tricks at this time, however, you may choose to have a crash mat or a spotter handy.
  • Stretch, Contortion, Yoga and Pilates courses rarely require more than a simple yoga mat. However, instructors may utilise yoga straps, foam rollers and other equipment occasionally – please check the Student Group (chances are you can improvise with household items).
  • Calisthenics, Skills and Drills, Handstands require access to a solid wall and chairs. Again, check the Student Page for further info.


We are aware that many are experiencing financial hardship – we have significantly reduced our fees for our online classes. Our class sizes remain capped to 10 students, so you continue receiving tailored feedback and guidance from our award-winning instructors.

Online Casual Classes – $10 per class

Online Weekly Pass – $30 per week (include unlimited online classes)


Please book into classes using the usual online booking system. Then you will be a sent a link to access your class using Zoom (even if you are on the waiting list). Please cancel your booking if you are no longer able to attend – so others can join. Yes, we still have classes that are selling out weeks in advance 🙂

In preparation for your class, make sure you have Zoom installed and have tested your video and audio capabilities. Make sure your device is fully charged and there is minimal background noise. As a courtesy to others, enter the class with your mic on mute but feel free to unmute at any time and talk to others and your instructors.

We welcome any suggestions and feedback from students on how we can improve our service delivery. This is all very new to us and we are moving fast to adapt. Please email info@hanger66.com.au.