How Pole Dancing Lessons Empower Women and Where to Find Group Pole Classes

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It may seem surprising that pole dancing could be empowering to women. After all, it is historically linked to the exotic dance industry, an industry that has been thought by many to objectify women. However, this powerful art form can be very empowering, in several ways. If you haven’t tried pole dancing because of preconceived notions, consider the following reasons why those assumptions might just be wrong.

Pole dancing makes it cool to be strong

Group pole dancing classes at Hanger 66 offer an intense resistance-training workout that helps women build strength. Learning to hold your own body in the air and control your movements with precision is an incredible feeling. You’ll stand a little taller and walk with renewed confidence in your body and its abilities. Who says women aren’t supposed to be strong? Forget that – athletic women feel better and are more capable of defending themselves should they need to. Embrace your body’s natural power!

Pole dancing is body-positive

Often, people approach working out with a focus on changing the way they look. That makes the entire pursuit about the result rather than the process, which in turn makes exercise feel like a chore. Group pole dancing, on the other hand, teaches fun yet challenging skill-based moves that redirect energy from your body’s appearance to its abilities. That makes it a healthier, more enjoyable way to stay fit.

It’s about much more than being sexy

Many people think that the kind of pole dancing performed in strip clubs is the only kind there is. However, there are also other types, such as artistic and athletic, that have nothing to do with provocative dancing.

Or, it can be as sexy as you want it to be

Some types of pole dancing have nothing to do with sexuality, but some do – and it’s up to you in which kind you wish to partake. Pole dancing gives women a close connection with their bodies, helping them express their sexuality in a very individual way. The better you understand and trust your body, the more you can enjoy it. Many women even report that pole dancing improves their sex lives, partly because of the sexy moves they learn, but even more about the confidence they build.

It can make you less judgmental

Some women approach pole dancing with specific ideas about the kinds of women who participate – strippers and women who are taking the classes to learn to please men. However, you will see for yourself that the “stereotypical” pole dancer does not exist. All types of women enjoy pole dancing’s artistic, social, and fitness benefits, including mums, doctors, lawyers, actors, and any other profession imaginable. You may even find that you become less hard on yourself as you see the amazing things your body can do.

Group pole dancing lessons at Hanger 66

If you’re ready for a unique fitness experience that’s as empowering as it is challenging, give group pole dancing a try. At Hanger 66, you’ll find a supportive, encouraging environment and a range of classes for all fitness levels. By the way—pole dancing isn’t just for women! Men and women both benefit from this unique and exciting art form and workout.