Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Pole Classes – Tank/Crop, shorts (for skin grip), footwear is optional. Please don’t moisturise on the day of your pole class as this will make you very slippery on the pole.

Calisthenics – Activewear, footwear is not optional and enclosed shoes must be worn

Dance, Flex, Pilates, Yoga & Handstands – Tank/Crop Top, Leggings & Socks

What do I bring to class?

Water bottle and towel.

Is there age restrictions at Hanger 66?

No there isn’t. Anyone from the age of 5 can attend classes. You are never too old to learn a new trick.

Can I do a casual class in a block class?

Typically no, block classes are designed to be run as a complete block of 8. Hanger 66 does have a large range of casual classes to attend. However if there are spare spaces available then you will be able to book in. The price for a casual attendance in a casual class is $35 per class which you may book through our website.

How fit and strong do I have to be?

No level of fitness or strength is required to start coming to classes. Hanger 66 tailor our classes to suit a range of fitness levels and abilities. Whether you’re a gym junkie or a first timer to exercise we will cater our classes to ensure each individual gets what they desire out of each class. Each week your strength, flexibility and confidence will improve and you will notice the differences week by week in your appearance, strength and attitude.

How much are the classes?

You are best to have a look at our Fees and Membership page for all the different pricing options. If you are looking at coming to a number of casual classes and training times each week then the membership is the best option to compliment your courses.

How do I book into a  class?

The best way to book and manage your classes is through our online booking system. If you have any questions at all please contact We encourage you to book your class before showing up as the classes have a limited capacity to ensure you have the best learning experience with us!

Will I have my own pole?

In the block course yes you will have your own pole. In a casual class there will be a maximum to two students per pole. In large classes a second instructor will be at the class so please sign on early.

What type/size poles do you use?

Hanger 66 is proud to provide you with The Pussycat poles. The poles are 4 metres tall and are a combination of 38 and 45 in Brass and Stainless Steel.