Casual Classes

Casual Classes

Casual classes are the perfect compliment to your block course. Watch as your pole dancing improves as you enjoy training different styles of pole and working with different instructors. They are also a great way to meet other people and make new friends! Casual classes at Hanger 66 run for the full hour and have a maximum of two to a pole. Each term there will be different casual classes available so make sure you check the current timetable

Many classes fill up in advance, so make sure you secure your spot online!


Tricks & Links

Working on the static pole you will be guided by your instructor on different tricks each week. If you know the trick you will learn new ways in and out of the move and variations or you may be challenged with a trick you haven’t tried before.

Spin Pole

You spin me right round baby right round… Come to class and master the spin pole. Learn tricks on spin and mini combinations on the spin pole. Some spin classes are divided into skill levels please check the timetable.

Pole Choreo

Each week we learn new choreography, incorporating pole moves and floor work. This class is a great way to learn to dance with and around the pole. Also, it’s a fun way to work out!

Exotic  Pole – Tricks & Exotic Flow

Each class we learn a set of new exotic tricks, predominately using the base of the pole and floorwork. This class is a great opportunity to expand your dance and strength move repertoire, from beginners to advanced!  Knee pads and heels are recommended for this class.

Pole Conditioning

Pole conditioning is an all levels all over workout that anyone can enjoy. The workout targets all the body parts essential for pole – stability of the shoulders, strong core and fabulous legs and glutes. The pole is incorporated into all of those exercises you know you should be doing but don’t have time for.

Tricks & Links

Come and learn static or spin combinations.  Beginners will be able to master a trick on its own whilst more experienced polers will be challenged with different entries and exits and using the trick in a combination. True strength and endurance come from putting a number of tricks together in one combo. This class is a great opportunity to put your endurance to the test. 


Want to keep up with all that is happening on Instagram? Is there a trending new move or an awesome combination you want to try? Then send it through and you will get to learn it in class. This class is dedicated to all things made famous by Instagram. Suitable for intermediate+ pole dancers.

Nemesis Tricks

Do you have a pole move that is preventing you progressing to the next level? Or a move that does not seem to improve no matter how many times you practice? If yes, then this class is for you. Let the instructor know what moves are your nemesis so you can work on them being your nemesis no more. 

Hanger Jam

Enjoy two hours of studio time to work on whatever you desire all while hanging out with your buddies. Great for regular members and those just passing through. All are welcome!