Get strong with Hanger 66!

If you want to regain your pre-iso strength, you’ve come to the right place. We offer functional fitness classes – for students of all ages and fitness levels!

Some of our classes are casual (i.e. book online and drop in) and some are taught as courses (you book for the term) – read on to find out more.

  • HANDSTANDS & ACRO (Casual, Mondays, 6pm) – Handstands for everyone! Beginners will be taught the foundations for handstands like wrist strengthening drills and exercises, shoulder and back opening and mobility work, endurance holds and body line drills. Advanced students who can hold a freestanding handstand – we have handstands progressions like tuck press, straddle and pike press.
  • SKILLS & DRILLS (Casual,Tuesday, 4pm) – Skills and Drills are about learning all those gymnastic tricks we all go wow over. You are never too old to go upside down! We demonstrate progressions, so beginners of all levels can build up to it – safely! This class is also suitable for the young (5 years+) and young at heart!
  • CALISTHENICS (Tuesdays, 5pm and Wednesday, 6pm)- Calisthenics is a strength and conditioning class using your own body weight. With focus on the correct technique, this class is designed to help you reach your strength or weight loss goals. Every class will be different keeping your workouts exciting and challenging.
  • CONDITIONING (Thursdays, 6pm and Saturdays, 9am) – conditioning is an all-levels all-body workout that anyone can enjoy. This class targets the body parts essential for proper body function from shoulders to calves, and everything in between. The class will challenge you with different functional exercises in a circuit.
  • POLE CONDITIONING (Mondays, 5pm) – Using the pole, this workout aims to increase the stability of your shoulders, the strength of your core and the active flexibility of your fabulous legs and glutes. BONUS – you will learn drills to incorporate into your own training regime and enhance your warm-up and cool-down routine.

MUSCLE UPS (Wednesdays, 7pm, starting 16th of September) – A muscle-up is an advanced strength training exercise, within the domain of calisthenics. Essentially, it is a combination of a pull-up followed by a dip – a very impressive and technical skill. This course will introduce callisthenics enthusiasts of all levels to the skills required to achieve a solid muscle up – beginners welcome! This eight-week course is priced at $200 and can be purchased here.


Join us for Unlimited Casual Classes, FREE Practice and Jam Sessions and score 10% off all Blocks and Turbos! Wait, there is more – our Membership now gives you access to Hanger@Home, our very own Online Class Portal where students join our award-winning instructors in the comfort of their home. Our strictly limited class sizes make it possible for students of all levels to receive individual attention.

So if you take more than two classes a week – it makes sense to become a member! Here are your options:

  • HNC – For $55 per week you can receive all the benefits, with no contract commitment! You may choose to cancel at any time, with two weeks notice. Join here.
  • H6 – Priced at $50 per week, this membership requires a short 6-month commitment. Upon expiry of your six-month contract, you can cancel any time or upgrade to H12 to save $5 per week! Join here.
  • H12 – This is the most popular option among our students. Priced at $45 per week, H12 requires a 12-month commitment and is sure to get you in the habit of consistent exercise and functional fitness. Join here.

Our Location

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