Calisthenics Instructor

When Rikki was young, he wanted to be a tomb raider or a pirate! It’s no wonder that his journey  has gotten him involved in a very active lifestyle in calisthenics and gym work!

As many things in life, Rikki sees health and fitness as a great opportunity to discover one’s capabilities and the chance to connect with body on a whole new level.

A Personal Trainer and Snap Fitness studio manager by day, Rikki’s approach to teaching acknowledges everyone’s different fitness backgrounds and celebrates all different bodies as they’re beautiful in their own way.

At his classes, it’s important that he brings a positive and encouraging mentality to help his students build good habits, learn fitness discipline, gain confidence and most importantly, love for their bodies and what it allows them to achieve!

When Rikki isn’t at the gym, he’s a history nerd who loves the ocean, listening to music, dancing and living in the moment.

His qualifications include:
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Registered with Fitness Australia

Join Rikki at his Calisthenics classes and practice not just physical but mental discipline, but understand your anatomy better to  achieve your fitness goals using the right techniques!

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