Calisthenics Instructor

Co-Founder of the Brisbane Barstuds, Johno Gaillard began his calisthenics journey in 2010. Johno has been trained by some of the world’s most renowned calisthenics athletes – Al Kavadlo, Zef Zakaveli and FitnessFAQs (Daniel Vadnal) to name a few!

He is among some of the first trainers to receive a Progressive Calisthenics Certification in Australia, and is the current title holder in several calisthenics competitions. Johno also travels as a judge for Calisthenics Certifications and the WSWCF, as well as hosting calisthenics workshops along the east coast.

Join his 90 minute sessions every Wednesday, and watch your strength, endurance and body awareness improve. This class is open to all fitness levels, and non-members are welcome.

Follow Johno on Instagram at @xjokux_brisbanebarstuds