Gorgeous Glenda fell in love with pole over 5 years ago and has barely taken a break since she started. She just loves the physical challenge of working the entire body and improving her flexibility and strength.

A committed fan of the human body and all its abilities, Glenda is also a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, and is trained in Pilates and yoga. To much delight (and convenience) of our students, Glenda is offering physiotherapy services from her purpose-built clinic at Hanger 66. Glenda is passionate about injury prevention through her teaching and wants everyone to be able to stay active as long as possible – whether on or off the pole

Glenda has been competing for over five years and is proud to hold the title of state champion of Queensland Professional Pole Championships for 2017 and 2018. Having been part of the Hanger 66 team since it’s conception, Glenda is the lead instructor and trainer at the studio. She is also responsible for building the best possible class schedule for our students and is always happy to hear suggestions regarding the timetable.

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  • 2018 – Queensland Pole Championships – Professional Winner
  • 2018 – Finalist Asian Pole Championships – Professional Division
  • 2017 – Finalist Australian Pole Championships – Professional Division
  • 2017 – Queensland Pole Championships – Professional Winner
  • 2017 – Miss Pole Dance NSW Finalist
  • 2016 – Australian Pole Championships Group Finalist
  • 2016 – Miss Pole Dance Qld – 2nd runner up
  • 2015 – APC group – 2nd runner up
  • 2015 – Rising all stars – 2nd runner up
  • 2014 – QPC – Amateur winner
  • 2014 – NQ and NT pole championship – Amateur winner

Follow Glenda on Instagram at @gorgeousglendapole