Always an athletic child, Courtney began her pole fitness journey in 2012 and has joined Hanger in 2016, as our very first member! To continue to improve her strength and endurance, she turned to our calisthenics classes and soon a new obsession took over.

Courtney became thoroughly intrigued by this new discipline and found body weight training a never-ending source of inspiration to challenge her body and mind. Her quest also led her to become an active member of Brisbane’s calisthenics community, as well as Australia-wide.

As she pursued her calisthenics journey, Courtney experienced substantial improvement in her performance at other sports, including pole fitness, rock climbing and snowboarding. She also began to realise that body weight training is beneficial to anyone looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle.

At Hanger 66, we are thrilled to have Courtney instructing calisthenics, as her extensive knowledge of both disciplines will enable her to maximise the relevance of cross training for pole dancers. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the two types of training, utilising the strength from calisthetics training to improve endurance and dynamic power on the pole.

Courtney’s classes will focus on fundamental skills, strength and mobility in a supportive and collaborative environment, tiered to cater to all fitness levels. Courtney’s students will get disciplined guidance on technique and tools that can be applied regardless of where you are.

With degrees in both Science and Law you can expect highly researched and structured classes from Courtney!

Follow Courtney on Instagram at @courtgiacci