Pole Instructor

Like most pole dancers, Ciuri got dragged along to her first class by a friend. Although she enjoyed pole dancing initially, it wasn’t until she first inverted that she got hooked and since then pole dancing has slowly but surely taken over her life.

Ciuri initially started pole dancing in Mount Isa and had a few false starts with relocating to Brisbane and sickness but re-discovered pole as a beginner (for the third time!!) in 2014.

In the past two years, she has undertaken the Pure Pole Academy prodigy programme for performance and has undertaken a traineeship as a pole dance instructor.

Although always fit and active, Ciuri has no real gymnastics or dance background and understands the challenges that pole dancing brings to complete beginners.  As such, she loves to see people overcome their own self imposed limits. She knows that everyone comes to pole dancing with different strengths and weaknesses and is quick to identify the technique points unique to each individual to allow them to improve.

You’ll probably hear Ciuri’s infectious laugh and see her huge smile before you learn how to pronounce her name! She is also quick to give a hug or high five when you finally nail that move you’ve been working on. Her passion for pole dance is contagious and she truly believes that everyone has a little pole dancer inside of them waiting to come out. She will never give up on you, as so many people never gave up on her and understands that sometimes all anyone needs is a bit of encouragement to fulfill their dreams.

Follow Ciuri on Instagram @handspringsandhumms.