Dance Instructor

Alice is a choreographer and dancer from Brisbane. She started her dance journey back in 2016 when she participated in a dance competition. From there, she travelled to South Korea to begin her training, which consequentially led her to China to not only further her training as a dancer but to also start teaching her own classes as a choreographer. Since then, Alice has successfully taught numerous workshops and classes domestically at different dance studios and universities, internationally in dance studios in Shanghai, Changsha and Taiwan and has performed at many successful events as well such as UQ Kpop Concert and Brisbane Festival events.

Alice’s classes will be mainly focused on foundation building and urban choreography. Urban style choreography incorporates other styles of dancing and Alice’s passion is to use urban choreography to create meaning and tell stories. Her classes are always very powerful and energetic. So come join Alice to refine your skills and chase that feeling of mastering a routine.

To find out more about Alice you can follow Alice on her Instagram “@acjae” and YouTube channel at “Alice Chang” for more dance content.