Term 1 Timetable at Hanger 66

We are pleased to share with you the timetable for Term 1, 2022!

New classes and teachers coming on board in the new year at Hanger 66! Check out the timetable and be sure to book in advance. Our courses are selling fast!

Please take a minute to study the schedule, as there are several public holidays where we will be running a modified schedule.

Just want to have a bit of practice?

Our Jam sessions are our special time slots for you to practice what you’ve learnt in classes! At $10 for two hours of access – this is the best way to get moving in between the celebrations!


It’s a new year and we have a fun-filled revamped Term 1 schedule, just for you!

We’ve introduced new casual and blocks in the new year to help you nail your fitness goals; whatever they may be!

  • SPIN POLE (Monday, 6pm – starting on the 10th of January) – Want to work on your Spin pole tricks and combos? Join us for our NEW Spin pole class on Mondays with Laura! She will have you twirling around the pole looking effortless in beautiful unique spin moves that will keep your Instagram followers in awe! You may choose to make your Monday pole session a double dose by joining us for Tricks & links at 5pm with Chelle
  • CHOREO (Tuesdays, 4pm- starting on the 11th of January) – More choreo in more styles did you say? SURE! That we can do! Join us for new Pole Choreo classes on Tuesdays at 4pm with Morde in January and Andrea James Lui in February!  
  • BURLESQUE (Wednesdays, 7pm – starting 12th of January) – Our Burlesque queen is back and will be teaching new epic burlesque routines casually! Did you catch snippets of the Turbo chair routine last year? WOW! The floorwork skills and confidence you’ll learn in this class will help you exude charisma and are transferable to any dance classes you choose to do! This is one dance class you don’t want to miss!
  • CONTORTION (Thursdays, 7pm – starting 13th of January) – Guess who’s back, back again! We know you’ve missed contortion with Anastasia so we’re bringing her style of crazy Russian stretching back on a weekday! Anastasia will also be teaching Pole Choreo at 6pm. Now THAT sounds like a GREAT evening of dancing and stretch!
  • CALISTHENICS (Saturdays, 9am – starting 15th of January) – Want a great way to get your blood flowing to start the weekend? Join Kevin for Calisthenics at this new time! As you may know, Kevin doesn’t just do calisthenics but has recently been heavily invested in Pole dancing as well. As such, he knows the best skills to work on off the pole to keep you strong and conditioned to tackle anything your pole instructors could throw your way at classes!


MUSCLE UPS with Kevin (Wednesdays, 7pm – starting 12th January 2022)

A muscle-up is an advanced strength training exercise, within the domain of calisthenics. Essentially, it is a combination of a pull-up followed by a dip – a very impressive and technical skill. A true form Muscle Up requires a good understanding of the technique, upper body strength and of course – practice! To help you master this move and skill, we’ve brought this back as a block so you can truly learn how to pull off this move effortlessly and skilfully!


Need those splits ASAP? Is your shoulder flexibility holding you back? We are running TWO four-week courses where you can work on back and leg stretch techniques and drills. Special attention will be dedicated to shoulder and upper back flexibility a consistent challenge area for most aerialists and athletes! You will also cover front and middle splits. Join the one and only Chelle on Monday nights at 8pm!

This class is open to ALL levels of flexibility, exercises will be scaled according to ability. 


If you’ve always wanted to try pole but are unsure if you were strong enough, confident enough etc..⁠.

.This is your official call to put your doubts to rest and to embrace something new in the new year!⁠ ⁠ Join us for our special 4-week INTRO TO POLE courses designed for absolute beginners! ⁠ ⁠ Our next Intro to Pole availabilities are:⁠ ⁠

🧡 Monday, 7th of February at 8pm⁠

🧡 Saturday, 12th of February at 10am⁠ ⁠

🧡 Sunday, 13th of February at 9am

Our four-week courses are normally $110, but students participating in the Intro to Pole enjoy a very special discount.. a bargain of $85 for four weeks of classes!⁠ ⁠January’s Saturday course already sold out, so, be quick.


Join us for Unlimited Casual Classes, FREE Practice and Jam Sessions and score 10% off all Blocks and Turbos! Wait, there is more – our Membership now gives you access to Hanger@Home, our very own Online Class Portal where students join our award-winning instructors in the comfort of their home. Our strictly limited class sizes make it possible for students of all levels to receive individual attention.

So if you take more than two classes a week – it makes sense to become a member! Here are your options:

  • HNC – For $55 per week you can receive all the benefits, with no contract commitment! You may choose to cancel at any time, with two weeks notice. Join here.
  • H6 – Priced at $50 per week, this membership requires a short 6-month commitment. Upon expiry of your six-month contract, you can cancel any time or upgrade to H12 to save $5 per week! Join here.
  • H12 – This is the most popular option among our students. Priced at $45 per week, H12 requires a 12-month commitment and is sure to get you in the habit of consistent exercise and functional fitness. Join here.

Looking at Combining Courses and Turbos?

Have a look at our specials below!


Hanger@home shall go on! By popular demand, we are continuing to offer online classes with our amazing instructors. Please review the timetable and note that there are pole and non-pole classes available every day from Monday to Thursday. If you wish to get in touch and request more online classes – we’d love to hear from you via email.

At Hanger 66, we continue to receive an overwhelming level of interest in our speciality beginner courses – so, we have have extra classes running just for you! Choose from the options below:

Online classes are priced at $18 per person and class sizes are strictly capped at 12 people to guarantee individual attention from the instructor. Online membership is priced at $25 per week from June 8th.

Please book into classes using the usual online booking system. Then you will be a sent a link to access your class using Zoom (even if you are on the waiting list). Please cancel your booking if you are no longer able to attend – so others can join. Yes, we still have classes that are selling out weeks in advance. In preparation for your class, make sure you have Zoom installed and have tested your video and audio capabilities. Make sure your device is fully charged and there is minimal background noise. As a courtesy to others, enter the class with your mic on mute but feel free to unmute at any time and talk to others and your instructors.


We have a number of Casual Classes running every day, ranging from Pole to Pilates and everything in between! These are all highlighted in yellow on the timetable. You can pay as you go or you can buy a package to save money – you don’t need to be a member to enjoy classes at Hanger 66! If you are coming to three or more casual classes per week, we recommend you look into our memberships.

Purchase individual casuals or packs via our store – packages on the bookings page.

Single Casual Class (in studio)$251 casual class
5 Class Pack$100 (Save $25)5 casual classes
13 Class Pack$250 (Save $75!)13 casual classes
7 Day Pass$80Unlimited
Open Practice / Hanger Jam$101 session
Junior Class Pass$151 class

Please be assured that we are maintaining a high standard of hygiene within the studio and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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