13th of January 2020 – 8th or March 2020

Anyone is welcome to join Casual Classes (Yellow) or Open Practice (Grey)!

Following the Holiday Term, Hanger 66 is back to business as usual on Monday, 13th of January. We have some exciting changes happening around the studio, and new classes being added to most days – be sure to read on! Most Casual Classes are suitable for beginners, except for @hanger.66 class on Tuesday and Nemesis Tricks on Saturday.

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In Term 1, we are running four special Turbo Courses. These 4-week mini blocks are designed to hone in on a specific skill or polish a particular dance routine – the choice is yours!

  • Intro to Backbends (Monday, 8pm, starting on 13th of January) – The focus of this Turbo will be the ways of how to engage your core to control your posture while bending. You’ll learn how to release not just your back but work on your neck, shoulder, upper, mid and lower back, and hip flexors to avoid injury and bend in a safe way. In this course, you’ll not only learn the foundational stretches to start opening your frontline but will continue to help you improve your range of flexibility. For the most effective outcome, this Turbo should be paired with Back Intensive.
  • Low Flow (Saturdays, 10am, starting on 18th of January) – Snap-on your fav heels for this slinky routine taught over 4 weeks. It is all about smooth and effortless transitions from one move to the next. The focus will be on dance moves at the base of the pole.
  • Pole Jazz (Mondays, 8pm, starting on 10th of February) – If music is a journey – jazz is getting lost. At Hanger 66, we are introducing a brand new four-week choreography course where students will learn an exquisite piece of choreography to the soulful tones of Jazz. Taught by Anastasia, this unique course will close your eyes and open your ears to the sounds of saxophone, piano and trumpets. Join us on Monday nights at 8pm, and discover a whole new world of Pole Jazz.
  • Back Intensive (Monday, 8pm, starting on 10th of February) – Already bending? This course is for you! Learn how to strengthening your backline to continue to increase the flexibility gains in your front line. Continue to learn safe ways of increasing your range of flexibility through partner stretches and by using equipment to increase your stretch leverage. Chelle will continue to break down the techniques of iconic backbend focused skills to comprehend and integrate flexibility into complex movements.

These 4-week courses are priced at $100, and members get a discount of 10%!


Are you serious about getting results? Then you need to know about our Blocks courses! Blocks are our dedicated 8-week courses, that run throughout the length of the term and are designed to process your fitness in a safe and structured manner.

Our Pole Blocks range from Beginner Pole to Elite, with a huge variety of levels in between to cater for all ability levels. If you are not sure which one is right for you – check the prerequisites here.

PLUS! We understand that some special skills require a bit more time to master, so we decided to deliver THREE new Block courses:

  • Doubles Pole (Tuesdays, 8pm, starting on 14th of January – What is better than pole class? Pole class with a buddy! Come along and learn the art of doubles pole, with all the fun doubles spins and fly-and-base moves. By popular demand, this course has been extended from a Turbo to a full Block!
  • Muscle Up (Wednesdays, 7.30pm, starting on 15th of January) – This new 8 week Block will take you through a number of strength and technique exercises to get you well and truly on your way to achieving a muscle up. If you can already muscle-up then this course is also for you. Your technique will be checked and then you will learn variations to your muscle up such as mixed grip.
  • Intro to Cali (Saturdays, 7am, starting on 18th of January) – An introductory Calisthenics Course that runs for 8 weeks and is designed to cover all key foundations of bodyweight training. Book here and save $50!

These 8-week Blocks are priced at $200, and members get a discount of 10%!


You’ve come to the right place! We have THREE courses just for you.

  • Intro to Pole (Mondays, 8pm, starting on 13th of January) – This course is perfect for ABSOLUTE beginners who are new to pole fitness and do not have dance or gymnastics background. This course will contain basic spins, transitions and tricks. Book here to save $25.
  • Intro to Pole (Saturdays, 10am, starting on 15th of February) – Exactly the same course, taught by a different instructor later on in the term on Saturdays. You are welcome to do both, if you feel you need a recap before you proceed to Beginner Pole!
  • Intro to Cali (Saturdays, 7am, starting on 18th of January) – An introductory Calisthenics Course that runs for 8 weeks and is designed to cover all key foundations of bodyweight training. Book here and save $50!


You don’t need to be a member to enjoy classes at Hanger 66. We have a number of Casual Classes running every day, ranging from Pole to Pilates and everything in between! These are all highlighted in yellow on the timetable. You can pay as you go or you can buy a package to save money. If you are coming to three or more casual classes per week, we recommend you look into our memberships.

Purchase individual casuals or packs via our store – packages on the bookings page.


Single Casual Class:
$251 casual class

5 Class Pack
$100 (Save $25)5 casual classes

13 Class Pack
$250 (Save $75!)13 casual classes

7 Day Pass
Open Practice / Hanger Jam$101 session
Junior Class Pass$151 class

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