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Pole Dancing Fitness in Brisbane at Hanger 66

At Hanger 66, you’ll discover a unique fitness experience – pole dancing,  with a strong focus on fun and technique. We love helping people build confidence and watching them become proud of what their bodies can achieve. We believe that people of all ages and fitness levels can accomplish amazing things, and we are passionate about encouraging our clients’ physical and emotional success. Sign up for pole fitness in Brisbane at Hanger 66 and enjoy a whole-body workout that will have you moving like a pro in no time. You don’t need any experience or upper body strength to get started.

We have dedicated classes for beginners through to competing students. We offer casual classes, block courses, and private tuition. Whether you are looking for a social fun hobby or would like to move into performing and competing, Hanger 66 is the studio for you.

8 Week Block Courses

Block courses are the best way to learn pole dancing. You learn with students of the same skill level and the same instructor each week. While the courses run in blocks of eight. Pole dancing takes time and it isn’t a race. You may be in a specific level for up to or even longer than 12 months, but this is more than ok, you will always be learning, working hard and most importantly having fun.

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Turbo Blocks

Turbo blocks are specialty courses that will run in four-week intervals. This may be to hone in on a specific area of pole dancing like handsprings and shouldermounts or to do a choreography block where you get to learn and perfect the same routine for four weeks.

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Casual Classes

Casual classes are the perfect compliment to your block course. Watch as your pole dancing improves as you enjoy training different styles of pole and working with different instructors. They are also a great way to meet other people. Casual classes at Hanger 66 run for the full hour and have a maximum of two to a pole. Each term there will be different casual classes available so make sure you give them all a go.


 Open Sessions

An Open Session is a time when Hanger Pole is open for personal practice time. There is no instructor in the class this is a time for you to come and work on tricks that you have been taught in class. In this time, you are only allowed to be working on tricks that you are confident to do without a spotter and that you have already been taught. It isn’t time to self-teach tricks or to teach your friends.



Caual Classes
$25 per hour class
$100 – 5 class pass (Save $25!)
$250 – 13 class pass (Save $75)
Included with membership

Block Courses
$220 – 8 weeks
$110 – 4 weeks
*10% discount for members

Open Sessions
$10 per hour
Included with membership

3 Reasons You Should Try Pole Dancing Fitness Classes in Brisbane

If you’re bored with your same old workout – or if you’re just one of those people who’s always up for trying something new – maybe it’s time to branch out from the treadmill. You may have heard that you can take pole fitness classes in Brisbane. If you haven’t considered trying pole dancing before, Hanger 66 is the perfect place to do it. We offer pole dancing classes for men and women of all fitness levels – a fantastic workout for anyone who wants to try something new, exciting, and little risqué. Here are some of the reasons we think you’ll love it.

  1. It’s truly an incredible workout Pole dancing is much harder than it looks. However, it’s modifiable for all fitness levels, so you can get a challenging workout whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Combining strength training, flexibility, and endurance into one fun workout, pole dancing will leave you with a real sense of accomplishment and renewed confidence in your body’s ability to do amazing things. Just ask any experienced pole dancer – using your own body weight in a pole dancing class can be much more challenging than a workout you’d get in a regular gym.
  2. It’s a healthy social activity People who take pole classes together often form lasting friendships as they bond over the fun and challenge of the art. At Hanger 66, we provide a 100% supportive and positive environment in which to learn your new skill. With personalised attention in small classes, you’ll learn pole dancing safely while making new friends and building self-confidence. Optimal health requires relaxing and socialising as much as working out regularly – why not combine the two in an activity that’s great for your body and mind?
  3. It’s like role-playing Pole dancing classes give you the opportunity to express yourself as the gorgeous, sexy individual you are for the duration of the class. You’ll not only build arm, leg, and core strength, but you’ll also get to mimic exotic dancers by learning seductive moves such as head and hips rolls while you tone up. Many pole dancing fitness students enjoy having a hot little secret, and the stereotype of what pole dancing means to most people can be part of the allure. Let yourself go and have a blast!

Are you new to pole and want to find out more? Please visit our FAQ page.