Calisthenics Instructor

Tuan started calisthenics in 2018, in search of ways to apply the strength previously achieved at a conventional gym. Instantly hooked by the variety and the challenge of body weight skills, Tuan quickly became a regular member of Brisbane’s calisthenics events and went on to compete interstate. He was featured in: 

  • Arnold Sports Festival Australia
  • Sydney Fitness Show
  • Bar Warriors Calisthenics Comp

More recently, Tuan entered in the Brisbane Fitness Show and enrolled to complete Calisthenics Certifications. With the personal goal to have fun while achieving skills, Tuan is a welcome addition to the Hanger 66 instructing team.

Outside of the gym, Tuan ensures fair distribution of internet resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs) in the Asia Pacific Region.

Follow him on Instagram: @tuan_around